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The Home Reset

A 14 Part Audio Course To Take Back Your Space

Fridge & Freezer, Pantry & Cabinets, Bathrooms, Bedrooms & Closets, Kids’ Clothes, Kids’ Toys, Laundry Room, Living Room,The Car, The Garage or Shed, Papers, Your Mind 

What is the Home Reset?

Born out of necessity. Created to help you flourish.

14 Audio Lessons All 20 Minutes or Less

Lifetime Home Reset Access

Room by Room Checklists

By the end of the Reset you will...

Take back your storage

Let go of things you don’t need, create systems to fit the things you do

Take back your fridge

Let go of expired condiments crowding out precious space

Take back your cabinets

No more searching through expired medicines in the middle of the night

Take back your playroom

Give your kids a toy system that doesn’t overstimulate them

Real results from real people. Hundreds of five star reviews.

"I am married with no kids and am about to move to another country, and this has been fabulous for prepping BEFORE starting the packing process. I plan to revisit this resource once or twice a year to maintain easy and brain-uncluttering house organization and cleanliness. There are so many gems of tips, tricks, and mindset shifts. Highly, highly recommend."

Ann Beth
Home Reset Veteran

"I happily moved my often-used, but previously inaccessible small kitchen appliances to a more accessible place and my kitchen was a whole new world! Every other room just fell into place from there, and even my husband is excited about the changes we’re making. I can’t wait to make this part of our yearly home routine."

Home Reset Veteran

“This is an excellent resource for anyone overwhelmed by the idea of organizing your home or frustrated by the space you have. I LOVE the audio format and being able to listen while I do the dishes or prep a meal, and each task area could easily be accomplished in one day. I LOVE how practical the suggestions are and I LOVE that I didn’t have to buy anything to implement the strategies!"

Home Reset Veteran

"Whilst I live in a teeny tiny NYC studio apartment and don’t have separate rooms, the home reset allowed me to maximize my space even further by giving me the tools to refresh my little home. Highly, highly recommend!"

Home Reset Veteran

"I have to say, I had been on the fence on if I should spend my cash money on guidance to declutter my home- and I’m glad I bit the bullet because it’s SO MUCH MORE than decluttering. My favorite thing about going through this course (with a 2 year old and 3 month old) has to be the freedom to go about it at my own pace. I’ll be coming back to it every year!"

Home Reset Veteran

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Your cheerleader

Meet Kate

I'm Kate, a mom of four and the creator behind Naptime Kitchen and Home Reset.
As you tackle your Home Reset, I’ll be your cheerleader and the voice in your ear. I'm here to help you every step of the way, even as you stare down the kids' bathroom sink!

Clutter & Stress Build

Work and mail bring in paper. Kids bring in gear and clothing. Slowly but surely, clutter creeps in. Until one day, you find not only your house is cluttered but so is your mind.

Overwhelm Sets In

You know you need to take back space, but. you don't want a total home overhaul or a $1,000 trip to The Container Store.

You Need A Solution

You need something practical. Something you can tackle easily and affordably.


Why is this an audio course, not video?

While there are a ton of video courses out there, I wanted to create something you can listen to on the go. Our lives are busy and we barely have time to sit down at our computer. With audio you can drive, wash dishes or go on a walk all while learning how to reset your home.

What is covered in the audio lessons?

In each audio lesson Kate teaches you exactly what she does to reset her home twice a year.

Episode Breakdown

1. Introduction with Kate
2. Kitchen Part 1: Fridge & Freezer 
3. Kitchen Part 2: Pantry & Cabinets
4. Bathrooms 
5. Bedrooms & Closets
6. Kids’ Clothes
7. Kids’ Toys
8. Laundry Room
9. Living Room
10. The Car
11. The Garage or Shed
12. Paper
13. Your Mind
14. Kate’s Final Pep Talk

Will I have to purchase a lot of organizational products?

Nope! You are actually encouraged to use whatever you already have in your home and provide a lot of ideas on what you can repurpose around the house

I already keep a pretty organized house, will I still benefit from this?

YES! The Home Reset isn't just organizational tips. It's about helping you rethink the purpose of your home. I will help you find functionality and better systems even if you keep a tidy house.

How long does it take to complete The Home Reset?

Most folks finish it within 2 weeks. I'll send encouraging emails along the way to keep you motivated. But you can do it all in one weekend, spread it out over months, or work at any pace you like!

Do I have to do the course in order (starting in the kitchen)?

You can do the Home Reset in whatever order you want. You can start in the garage and end in the kitchen. Or start in the bathrooms and move on to the living room. It's in whatever order or pace works for YOU.

I can't find my Home Reset purchase in my inbox. Help!

Maybe you accidentally deleted the files or they got lost in cyberspace. We are happy to get you access again. Email and we will get everything to you.

What if the Home Reset doesn't work for me?

Try The Home Reset For 15 Days. If it doesn't serve you, send us an email and tell us what didn’t work and we’ll send you your money back.

Still on the Fence?

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